What is Angelic Reiki ?

Angelic Reiki is as subtle a treatment as Usui Reiki but is more profound and is a longer lasting experience!

What are the Benefits of Angelic Reiki ?

One of the most well-known benefits of Angelic Reiki is achieving a higher level of mental focus, when you are in an Angelic Healing session the proper flow of healing energy removes all kinds of energy blocks in your mind and spirit to help you unleash your creativity.

  • £45 per session

I feel calm and relaxed

Angelic Reiki, I was amazed at the difference from my usual Reiki sessions. It is the Rolls Royce of Reiki!
In thinking about general Reiki, I can sense the heat, I feel calm and relaxed. Angelic Reiki took me to a totally different level, it felt as if I was actually experiencing being on an angelic realm. The visual imagery of Archangel Michael’s wings around Ann and beside me was so comforting and energising. I also had images of other ascended masters, spirit. I physically felt myself Astro planing, as if I was hovering above the bed. After the session, I felt such a cleansing and lightness in my body, which has remained and it’s been a week since I had it. I would highly recommend trying it over the usual Reiki. Thank you, Ann.